With over 30-year experience in the plastics industry, the founder of Eagle Shine Co. Ltd., set up the company and has made the company one of Taiwan's premiere poly bag and packaging plastics suppliers. Eagle Shine has become one of the most respected companies in the industry because it strives to provide the best product quality and service.

Eagle Shine Co. Ltd. specializes in producing poly bags, and supplying shrink films, stretch films, packing tapes, and other packaging materials. To promptly serve its worldwide customers, the company has subsidiaries not only in Asia, but in Latin America, i.e., Honduras, El Salvador, and Mexico.

To reduce the service time to Eagle Shine's Greater America customers, the company set up a factory, Union Plastic & Pack S DE R.L., in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, C. A., in 2001. UPP is now one of the leading poly bag, packaging plastics suppliers in the area.

Most of the company's customers are famous American food or garment companies, such as: PepsiCo, Hanes Brands Inc. Group, Fruit of the Loom Group , Garan Group and Gildan Group etc..

A high percentage of the group's products are ISO-9002 approved products, the group will endeavor to provide its customers as many as possible ISO-9002 products.